Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bell & Howell Canon Canonet 19

Bell & Howell used to import and distribute Canon cameras in the U.S. and sold under Bell & Howell name.
Canononet 19 is earlier model of Canonet QL19. Canonet 19 has a shutter priority auto exposure. I am not sure if the meter operates in manual mode as this camera's meter is not working. I will find this out later. I am not sure when it was made but I think maybe it was sold in the 60's.
I bought this camera from eBay and I hate buying things from eBay. I have to take chances.
This Canonet 19 when I received has two problems: the shutter not running and the meter not moving.
I am hoping I can get this camera working. The shutter is probably same as other Canonet QL 19 and QL17 ( not the small QL 17 GIII. ) so it won't be causing problems for me.

My lens spanner wrench does not have proper shape to turn the retainer ring over the meter cell cover. I had ordered a new set of spanner wrenches but they are coming from Hong Kong and I could not wait for a month so I decided to make the spanner ends myself. I used a door hinge and cut them up in shape using the Dremel tool. My tool worked and the retainer ring came out O.K. without causing damage.
The spanner wrench tips on top is my home made ones, The bottom two are the original tips.
The front lens group did not turn easily but eventually it turned. My spanner wrench is not well made. I can not wait to get the new spanner wrench. I hope they are not junks.

 This camera has sprocket and film take up reel on the left side, The film wind lever on the bottom side and the film rewind knob is also at the bottom side and it is on the right side.
 The wind mechanisms at the bottom look well made.
The inside front assembly has clean back side.

This lever was on the back side and held in place on a shaft with two small set screws. They did not want to turn but I managed to remove two set screws eventually.

I will be taking out the shutter and do complete cleaning tomorrow.